@ Artist Retreat
We spent most of November 2010 at Artist Retreat. Photos and other info below show you what to expect if you visit in November.
November 2010 @ Artist Retreat- November 6  Rattling Gourd Art Show in Summerville, Georgia (a few miles East of downtown Mentone). Other events are recorded on the Events page at
Those 40-degree temperatures we saw in October continued for most of November, with occasional lower drops. Below is our weather during the weeks of November 13 & 26, 2010.
Remember that final photo in October, showing the leaves all over the deck? Well, they continued to fall throughout November. By mid-month, only the heartiest remained, but those that did seemed to be the most vivid reds and yellows that we'd seen.

It was definitely colder, a little bleak now and then, but still warm enough most days to spend a little time in the swing on the front porch. Below are a couple of photos showing our view off of the front porch around November 10-12.
November 2011 @ Artist Retreat- November 5-6  Rattling Gourd Art Show in Summerville, Georgia (a few miles East of downtown Mentone). Other events are recorded on the Events page at

'Twas a foggy afternoon in Mentone. Our gallery was visited by a very nice young couple and their daughter, and we got to talking about this great old house that they were staying in. We chatted for a while and they asked if we'd like to see the place. Since it was a quiet afternoon at the gallery, we decided to take them up on the offer. I can't divulge the exact location of the house, because I haven't been able to contact the owner to get permission. I will simply say it's in the Mentone area.

As I mentioned, it was a very foggy afternoon, getting along toward evening, the house was very old and a tad spooky-looking, and Joyce and I have great imaginations. I won't go as far as to say that it's haunted, but there were some strange feelings and events (see below). In the descriptions below, I mention "orbs". There are those who believe that the appearance of orbs in photos indicates the presence of spirits. I'm not saying they do and I'm not saying they don't ...
Our first view of the house
Later, as the fog really starts rolling in
A view after we'd toured the inside and came back outside - note the orbs appearing in the windows - they weren't there before we went inside and "disturbed" things ...
Beautiful interior, stone walls, lots of wood
I don't think the eyes followed me
Probably a comfortable setting on a sunny afternoon - not so much with all that fog
An inviting swing, if you're sure nothing is in the foggy forest behind you
More beautiful wood and stone work; bedroom on the right is where a ghost supposedly is and she doesn't like visitors
Walking toward the garden, an eerie tree
Aren't there always statues in the foggy garden?
Down the garden path, bordered by tall hedges (need I mention the orbs?)
Continuing through the garden
to find an old deserted cabin
Surrounded by tall trees
that seemed to reach out for us
Deserted cabin, once featured on
the Ghost Hunters television show
Could these objects tell a story?
Or this discarded toy?
Tour is over, finding our way back ...