JULY @ Artist Retreat
We were in Artist Retreat for the entire month of July 2010. Photos and other info below show you what to expect if you visit in July of any year.
July 2010 @ Artist Retreat- July 3-4  Fourth of July Art Show in Mentone

The 2010 Art Show was a great success, with artists displaying beside the Mentone Inn and across the highway in front of the Mentone Springs Hotel. Surprisingly, I've been unable to find any photos, so you'll just have to take my word that it was well-received by both locals and visitors.

2011: The 2011 Mid Summer Art Show went well, on the same weekend as our Art Gallery @ Mentone Grand re-Opening. To read about the show, our opening, and some adventures Independence Day weekend, go to our 2011 Opening page.
WAIT! ONE MORE THING - We visited Tigers for Tomorrow in Collinsville this month! Since our June page has more space, we put their photos over there. CLICK HERE TO SEE TIGERS FOR TOMORROW.
One big event of the month was apparently the community cook out at the fire station across the highway from our cabin. However, since we don't really drive past it often (we go out the back and up Cove Road), we didn't notice it in time. By the time we figured out why so many people were parking out front of the fire house and market, we had already eaten and were worn out from our day's activities.

BUT, we're going to be sure and get to it next year!
Our day's Activities: We finally got around to taking a drive to see a few of the sights in the area. We first stopped at Desoto Falls, then went to Cloudmont to see where the winter skiing happens, from there over the covered bridge to Shady Grove Dude Ranch, then wandered around Moon Lake taking some photos of horses for Joyce's painting. CLICK ANY PHOTO FOR A LARGER VIEW.
Our day's Activities: Below left is my photo of the Cloudmont ski slope from the bottom. At the right of that is a photo from their website showing the view from the top with snow.
Below are some photos taken around our yard. We put up some bird seed and tiny birds visited every day at almost exactly 3:00 (when the bells chime at St. Joseph's on the mountain). Squirrels eventually ran off with the bird seed, but we enjoyed them for a few days. We've since replaced that with a "squirrel-proof" bird feeder. We'll see ...
More photos taken around our yard. Center is the big bush on the corner of the front porch that blossomed out with bright red flowers. Around that, a mixture of flowers discovered around the yard.
Our weather during the week of July 27, 2010
Everything from here down is from July 2010.

There was a lot going on July 4th weekend in and around Mentone, but our big surprise came on Sunday afternoon. About mid-afternoon, my son Ronnie came back from the Mentone Market next door and said Barney Fife was over there buying gas. I grabbed my camera and went over. Sure enough, there he was, getting the Mayberry police car filled up - I guess Wally's station was too far away :)  He looked and sounded exactly like Barney, right down to the single bullet in his shirt pocket! Check out these photos of Barney with me and with Ronnie.

(Click photo to see complete picture in larger size)

I guess you never know who you'll meet in Mentone!