JUNE @ Artist Retreat
We only returned to Artist Retreat on 26 June 2010, but were here most of the month in 2011.  June is a very busy month in Mentone, with a
      number of unique activities scheduled in various locations. Photos below are just of some things that may be of general interest.
June 2010 @ Artist Retreat- June 5  The Handlers Band  Mentone Inn Pavilion; Woodcarving Workshops on Saturdays at the Wildflower Cafe with Jim Marbutt; June 11 - 13 Alabama Band Fan Appreciation Weekend

2011: June 10-12 Alabama Band Fan Appreciation Weekend

Some things that we've done during June 2011: Farmers' Market in Town Center every Wednesday and Saturday; Great buffet every Sunday 10-2:30 at The Springs Restaurant in theMentone Springs Hotel;  Plenty of rain showers to make everything really green and beautiful; Most of our time was spent preparing the Art Gallery for our Grand Opening on the weekend of July 1-3.
AND! In July we visiting Tigers for Tomorrow in Collinsville. Since our July page is fairly full and this page isn't, we decided to put those photos here. CLICK HERE TO SCROLL DOWN TO THEM.
At our Mentone post office, I was surprised that there's a special slot for Netflix movie returns. Guess there must be a bunch of those to merit their own slot.
Also at our Mentone post office, a neat bulletin board out front. The interesting thing is that the board isn't locked and anyone can put their information on it. It really has a nice collection of good local information!
When did you last see a pay phone? I thought they were extinct. This one is in Valley Head and we also have one in front of our Mentone town hall.
I was out photographing some local views and realized that I'd never really looked at Kudzu up close. Hmmm ... I just looked at Wikipedia and they have close-up photos, but I'll continue anyway. I took these two photos up close for your enlightenment - click to see it up close. Later, I found a large bush covered with Kudzu in our yard, so pulled it off. I was surprised at how easily it could be removed. I threw it on a pile of dead branches and within a couple of days, it was dead. I guess it has to be on live plants to survive. And that's my Kudzu lesson.


Below is our weather during the week of June 25, 2011    CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL OF JUNE
Extra-Night-Free Special!

Starting in June 2011, we've decided to continue our "extra night free" special indefinitely! Pay for 2 or more nights and get an extra night free (must be consecutive nights). Just go to Mentone Mountain Getaways, reserve and pay for 2 or more nights, then phone and tell them you want the "Extra-Night-Free Special".
Below are photos of some interesting things I've noticed in and around Mentone.

Below are some photos taken at Tigers for Tomorrow in Collinsville. CLICK HERE to visit their website.