@ Artist Retreat
We spent about half of December 2010 at Artist Retreat. Photos and other info below show you what to expect if you visit in December.
December 2010 @ Artist Retreat- Musical Mountain Christmas -- Time Announced Seasonally; December 3  Christmas on the Mountain, at the JSU Canyon Center featuring the jazz sounds of Ken Watters. Other events are recorded on the Events page at

December 2011 - We're not in Mentone this year, but things are probably pretty much the same as shown below for 2010.
Well, if you come in December, come ready for some cold temperatures. Forget the 40s and 30s, we saw more 20s and teens. On that note, we decided to once again show the new electric fireplace/heater that sits in the corner of the living room. It gets a lot of exercise in December.

Below is our weather during the weeks of December 4th & 20th, 2010.
The photos below are of the Cloudmont ski run up the road from our cabin. The one below is from their website. On the right is one we took last July. Below is one taken December 11, 2010.
If you're sitting around in December, not knowing what to do with yourself and you don't want to try skiing, you can ease the cabin fever by visiting some of these great, entertaining websites:

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Bunch of Cloudmont photos below
Real snow around the cabin - photos below
First view of ski run!
Exciting to see that snow right in the middle of all that brown and green.
Looking straight up the hill
More views of the ski run - tame to real skiers, but best/only in Alabama; Southernmost skiing in USA
Inside the equipment rental building; had a neat fireplace, but I didn't get a photo of it
Rental chalet adjacent to the ski run
A couple of days after I visited Cloudmont, we got real snow! Views off our front porch.
Snow around the hot tub
Views East (toward USPO) and West (toward Mentone downtown) on Alabama Highway 117
Artist-Retreat in the snow
Side yard and parking lot in rear;
Finally rid of all those leaves on the ground - covered in snow :)
Two old guys